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DIGITAL Downloads

Here you will find a treasure trove of over 50 State-of-the-Art Magic Masterclasses. These have been created and tested, under real world conditions, in thousands of shows. Kids to Corporate, Close-up the Stage ... Pure Visual Wizardry!


WEBSITE Wizardry

A State-of-the-Art Website is Essential for You, Your Product and Service. This is your client's First Stop and you have 30 seconds to WOW them. The Artistic Form must make an Indelible Impression, while the Technical Function should be Smooth and User Friendly. This requires the latest Coding plus Attention to Artistic Detail and Cutting Edge Design. I can assist in all stages of Web Development, from Consulting and Domain Registration to Creation and Hosting.



In our hi-tech, fast-paced, digital world, a picture still paints a thousand words. But it's got to be the right picture. Images have the power to capture our attention and fire our imagination. From Personal Logo and Business Cards to Memes, Posters and Banners, Original, Eye-Catching Graphics are Integral Pieces to your Promotional Puzzle. I'm fully set up to create all that you require, on a per item basis, or as part of a Full Media Package.



In 30 years, we've gone from VHS to 4k. Through it all, the Creative Constant is Video Artistry. The first Trick is staying on the crest of the Tech Wave. The second is having depth of experience and innovative expertise. For projects small to large, I've produced thousands of Flying Logos, Animations, Intros, Sizzle Reels, TV Ads, Music Videos, Digital Downloads and Full Length Shows. All with a Relentless Commitment to Excellence.


SONIC Sorcery

Plato said that “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul...Music gives wings to the mind and flight to the imagination.” With any Media Production, the Soundtrack can make or break the Experience. As an Audio Artist, Composer and Engineer, I Produce across all Styles, from Subtle and Evocative Ambient to Full Stage and Film Scores. I also have an Extensive Library of Original Compositions available.


Website Wizardry

Fly so high that even the doubters are dazzled!

Magical Media

You get one chance to make a first impression.

Sonic Sorcery

Every Great Story needs an Epic Soundtrack.

Visionary Video

Excellence never happens by accident.

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"In all my life, I've never seen anything as convincing! It was real magic, delivered with precision timing and consummate skill."
- Mark Wilson
"The most magical act I've ever seen!"
- Dean Dill
"Impeccable magic, absolutely wondrous!"
- Channing Pollock
"Wow! It's been a long time since I was fooled like that!"
- Ricky Jay
"Jay stands alongside the all-time greats; in the same league as Slydini."
- Ed Rosenthall
"What a Perfect Act!"
- Milt Larsen
"You are a true Artist. You never cease to amaze me!"
- Roger Nicot
"The Virtuoso of Magic!"
- Gerry Griffin
"Insanely good!!! The best we’ve ever had!!!"
- Boje Hoseth
"What we saw this evening was truly MAGIC!"
- Tony Griffith
"A+++ Quality in every conceivable way! Mind blowing content and mind blowing production quality!"
- Rick Saldan
"Absolutely Phenomenal!"
- Joel Zaritsky
"Just WOW!!!"
- Erika Larsen
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