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Modern-day Merlin and Renaissance Man, Jay Scott Berry is a multi-talented Creator, Performer and Producer.

Best known as Grandmaster Magician, he is revered as The Virtuoso of Magic. From Close-up to Stage, his Visual Wizardry and Sleight-of-hand Artistry are often called, "The closest thing to real magic you will ever see!"

As an award-winning Musician, Vocalist and Composer, his music has been heard on radio, TV and stages around the globe. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jay has performed on top stages and headlined Festivals from Australia to Europe.

A prolific Writer and Inspirational Speaker, Jay's thought-provoking poems and timeless wisdom continue to inspire millions. Whether written for TV, stage, social media or books, his insightful words offer a glimpse into the heart of a true Artist and Showman.

Live and Zoom Shows

Amazing Mysteries for Parties, Events and Receptions!

Jay offers an extensive range of Live and Virtual presentations to suit all ages. From Mind-Bending Roving Magic and Intimate Close-up Shows to Corporate Conventions and Spectacular Stage Presentations.

Birthday Parties and Celebrations

Wedding and Corporate Receptions

Company Parties and Gatherings

Product Launch and Promotions

Incredible, Incomparable and Unforgettable!

Berry's sophisticated and elegant style has made him a favourite entertainer in Clubs, Theatres, Festivals and Private Venues. For children, families or adults, from casual to formal, indoors or out, Berry adds an extraordinary touch to an ordinary event.

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The Art of Wonder

Lectures, Masterclasses, Mentoring & Downloads

Peak Performance Prestidigitation!

Magic has always been passed on from Master to Student. The new normal allows this to be done via Zoom. Embracing that, Berry is actively teaching his unique style of magic, in group and private sessions. And it's not just for beginners, he is also Mentoring Award Winning Masters and Vegas Headliners.

In the last 2 years, Jay has produced 60 HD State-of-the-Art training videos, all instantly available as Digital Downloads. This extensive library is a Treasure Trove of Original JSB Gimmicks, Effects and Routines. Learn Powerful, Practical Prestidigitation with Coins, Cards, Spongeballs, Rings, Ribbons, Silks & more. Each effect is Performed and carefully taught, including Theatrical Tips, Psychology and Philosophy.

Digital Downloads

ZoomStorming Masterclasses


Virtual Shows

The Magic Castle & Academy of Illusions

Presenting Full HD, Multi-Cam, State-of-the-Art Productions!
Wondrous Magic Shows utilize the latest tech to Livestream the most Ancient of Arts.
Whether Live or Virtual, Berry is the consumate showman, a Prestigious Purveyor of Prestidigitation.