Words of Wonder

Once Upon a Time

Seashells and sandcastles,
The memories of a child.
Hide and seek and skipping rope,
Carefree running wild.
Rainbows and waterfalls,
Training wheels left behind.
Peter Pan and Wonderland,
The childlike state of mind.
Anything was possible,
We were Princesses and Kings.
Puff the Magic Dragon,
Flew on Golden Wings.
Fairy tales and Santa Claus,
The Magic in a Rhyme.
Carousels and wishing wells,
Once Upon a Time.

The Mystery

We are ever seeking Magic, high up and far away.
And forget that it is always here, alive in every day.
We seek the mystery high and low, imagining supernatural.
And forget the quintessential truth, that Magic is always natural.
You can hear the disillusioned cry that Magic doesn't exist.
While it merrily dances before their eyes and this somehow they've missed:
It is woven in the rainbow and the dream of a butterfly.
It dances with the snowflakes and sparkles in the sky.
It shines in every sunrise and whispers in the trees.
It blooms with every flower and waltzes with the breeze.
It is closer than a heartbeat and nearer than each breath.
It is found in every birth and, alas, in every death.
Ineffable as a twilight dream, a mystery to bind us.
And once we open up our hearts, the Magic will always find us.

The Magician

I can impress you in the wink of an eye,
With moves that will surely astound.
I can amaze, amuse, inspire, delight,
And lead you to the profound.
You may simply think to brush it all off,
As prestidigitation.
Or perhaps you dare to look a bit deeper,
Into the pool of inspiration.
For the magic runs wild in the sea of your mind,
And to find it is always the goal.
It whispers and sings in the depths of your heart,
All the way down to your soul.
It beckons the dreamer ever to fly,
The dancer ever to dance.
And I the Magician, the Worker of Wonders,
Can merely offer the chance.

The Dream

There is a dream that we all share,
A crystal clear conception.
To somehow lift the veil upon,
The mirage of this deception
Wisdom sings her silent song,
For one and all to hear.
Echoes in the sands of time,
Whisper loud and clear.
Past and future coincide,
To aid in our endeavor.
Find the X that marks the spot,
At the crossroads of forever.
The dream becomes reality,
Once you know where to start.
To find your heaven here on earth,
You need heaven in your heart.

The Star

All the Mystics everywhere,
Have travelled to this Star.
Saints and Sages, Poets too,
And Dreamers Near and Far.
All who seek the Light without,
Must find the Light Within.
The Sacred Journey always ends,
The same place it begins.
The Joy is in Discovering,
The Treasure that is You.
The Key is to Remember,
What You Always Knew.

The Choice

Choosing to hope is always a risk,
But one I'm willing to take.
Choosing to try and possibly fail,
Is one I'm willing to make.
Behold the angel that rushes in,
Where fools all fear to tread.
Blazing a trail to places unknown,
Regardless of what lies ahead.
Out on the edge, where eagles dare,
That's where courage is found.
Beyond the safety of the flock,
Who prefer to stay on the ground.
Either way, the critics will gather,
Hoping to see me fall.
I'd rather be judged for taking the leap,
Than for not trying at all.

The Mountain

There is a Sacred Mountain,
For all of those who seek.
10,000 paths will take you,
Up to the single peak.
From any given side,
It doesn't look the same.
So some will disagree,
About the mountain's name.
But none of those who argue,
Will ever know what's true,
Until they venture to the top,
And see the Sacred View.

The Shores

Standing upon the shoulders of giants,
On an avenue paved with gold.
In a marketplace filled with wonders,
Where dreams are bought and sold.
Inside a crystal kaleidoscope,
Swirling and dancing with light.
I float upon a wing and a prayer,
Where wishes and stars take flight.
The carousel horses whinny and prance,
Hearing the call of the wild.
We gallop across the ocean of dreams,
To the shores I knew as a child.

The Moon

I lie beneath her on the grass, full with Inspiration.
She gazes down, reflectingly, my eyes, her destination.
She stirs my heart and fills my mind, with loving adoration.
So close and yet so far away, an exquisite sensation.
Always moving, ever changing, a poetic re-creation.
Her spiral dance a mystery, in timeless celebration.
I reach my hand up to caress, instinctive fascination.
Her ivory curves just out of reach, a stellar titillation.
With one great sigh, I gaze at her, in silent admiration.
A lunar lullaby she sings, a twilight incantation.
And as my sleep fades into dream, comes the realisation.
The love we share will always be a star-crossed invocation.

The Wonder

If you search beyond the puzzles of prestidigitation,
You'll find a higher magic, of unspoken inspiration.
For those who seek the mystery, a treasure so sublime,
Close your eyes to clearly see, the rhythm of the rhyme.
At the center of the labyrinth, lies the universal dream.
The place in which we realize things aren’t quite what they seem.
To balance on the golden thread, you must become the light.
The only way to win the game, Is to give up the fight.
As ice becomes the water and water turns to steam,
You make the transformation, and awaken from the dream.
Beyond the prison of the mind, you rise past hope and fear.
The trappings of reality, Soon fade and disappear.
There, above the clouds, before lightning becomes thunder.
We seek that timeless moment, the delicate sound of wonder.